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Valuations For Capital Raising

Windeye Partners frequently works with early stage and other private companies which consider raising expansion capital in the form of convertible notes, preferred stock or common stock from private investors or investment funds, in order to assist them with setting an appropriate valuation range.

Our valuation reports for capital raising purposes are prepared in a more streamlined and affordable format compared with the detailed reports required for other purposes, and the turnaround time is short. Valuation reports for capital raising will typically contain the following sections:

• Valuation Summary
• Industry Overview
• Cost of Capital (WACC) Calculation
• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
• Comparable Public Company Multiples
• Comparable Transactions Multiples
• Scenario Analysis & Value Calculation
• Information Sources
• Valuator Qualifications

These reports are prepared as a Calculated Value in accordance with standards set by NACVA.

To discuss our valuation services please email us at or contact Michael Guthammar on telephone (929) 223-2935.